A simple and easy to integrate wallet provider
for NEO dApps.



npm install neologin


import neologin from 'neologin';

.then(({ address }) =>

What is NeoLogin

NeoLogin is a new wallet solution for the Neo ecosystem. NeoLogin is different from any other wallet out there: It has been created to make access to decentralized applications (dApps) and games on Neo as easy as possible.

Currently, adoption of blockchain-based dApps and games is still very low, and the user experience is pretty bad.

To use a dApp/game on Neo for the first time, new users (who aren’t familiar with crypto/Neo) currently have to:

  • Learn about blockchain/private key management in order to understand why they need a wallet
  • Research different types of wallets: paper wallets, custodial wallets, noncustodial wallets, software wallets, hardware wallets, etc.
  • Pick a wallet provider and download their software/mobile app/extension
  • Create an account on an exchange to buy NEO/GAS
  • Transfer this NEO/GAS to their new wallet
  • Connect the wallet to the dApp/game
  • Use the dApp / play the game

In short: currently, the user experience is pretty terrible. We aim to fix this by helping developers. We envision a world where users don’t have to know anything about blockchain to try out a dApp/blockchain-game. We want an ecosystem where users don’t have to go to an exchange to buy NEO/GAS and they don’t have to download third-party software wallets first.

This is why we have built NeoLogin: a simple and secure wallet solution that is built into dApps and games on NeoLogin.

How it works

NeoLogin encrypts the user's private key with their password (making sure that it has enough entropy to prevent password cracking attacks) on sign up and proceeds to store the encrypted private key on it's servers.
Every time a user logs in, the private key is downloaded and decrypted in the browser client, therefore the server never gets to know the decryption password nor the private key itself.

This allows NeoLogin to provide the security of a non-custodial wallet coupled with the User Experience of a centralized login solution, as, from the point of view of the user, it works the same way as Google's universal login.


O3 compatible

Our API is exactly the same that O3 uses, so dApps that already integrate with O3 can add NeoLogin as a wallet provider with 0 work.

Mobile friendly

NeoLogin is web-based and works prefectly on any device, including mobiles, while keeping the accounts synchronized across devices.


Because all the private keys stored in our servers are encrypted with the user's passwords we never have access to user funds.


NeoLogin works entirely inside your dApps webpage and requires no installation of extensions or programs for users.

Baked-in 2FA

NeoLogin provides first-class support for TOTP (eg: Google Authenticatior) based 2FA.

Open Source

NeoLogin is 100% open source (front-end and back-end) and is served directly from GitHub in order to prevent any code tampering.

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